It is a mix of in-house hardware and cloud services such as email security, email archiving & email continuity. Make your choice in cloud possibilities, with this solution, all your data will be secure and encrypted. You will be able to use good points of Cloud Email with an increase security and have an infinity storage capacity.

 Hybrid solution

With Mailwall, our customer will have a lot of security advantages:

  • Clean email (Spam, Phishing and Virus free) Delivered Quickly

  • Protection against email based security risks & attacks

  • Reliable outbound email services customer's email gets delivered quickly

  • Customer has complete control over their email

  • Customer email never incorrectly flagged as spam

  • Industry leading email delivery service compared with published metrics of all major competitors)

  • Outgoing email is scanned for potential security issues (i.e. viruses and spam like) and user is alerted if problem found email not sent.

  • Customer is empowered to track email for and to their domain via the dashboard

  • Full usage reporting and statistics.


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