Support Team

IE internet''s team of Customer Care Managers, System Administrators, Software Developers and Support Technicians actively manage each account and the IE internet infrastructure.


Our expertise and experience gained through over 10 years providing managed email to Irish & UK businesses is passed to our clients and partners through our Email Architecture & Support Systems. Our Support Team's provide the expertise and experience gained through over 15 years providing managed Email to Irish businesses.


We at IE internet know how important your email services is to your business and therefore, to ensure business continuity, we provide you with around the clock support.

Quick Response Time

90% of Customer Care Support Queries are resolved with 60 Minutes or Less.

Good Communication Skills

Clients are kept informed of our progress at all times.

Extremely Qualified Technicians & Engineers

All support engineers are qualified system administrators with an average of more than 10 years experience.

MailWall Software & Infrastructure

The entire MailWall service has been developed, implement, maintained and supported by MailWall's team. 

Support for Major Client Systems

IE internet has a team of resident experts able to support a wide range of client systems including all commercial UNIX systems, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenVMS, Novell NetWare and Windows Server.

Experts in Cloud Email

Our Support Team are experts in the industry leading Cloud Email and Collaboration platforms. They will be able to answer any question that you have about: Google Apps, Microsoft 365, Vmware Zimbra or MailWall.

Duty Engineers 

Outside of normal office hours, IE internet employs qualified technicians to resolve queries . The Duty Engineers are on call through the night and on weekends to ensure that any urgent issue is resolved quickly. 



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