About IE Internet


IE Internet was born in 1998 in Dublin. In 2002, the company has created a product Mailwall.

IE Internet is a cloud Email reseller. In fact since 2013, IE internet has obtained Google apps ,Microsoft office 365 and Vmware Zimbra's accreditation.

  • IE Internet was established in 1998

  • Privately owned

  • Irish based Support, Sales & Development

  • IE Internet technology and its infrastructure has been providing a clean, fast & reliable email service since 2002

  • Geographically dispersed Network Infrastructure in Ireland, United Kingdom & North America.

  • Dedicated Support Team has a background in Managed Services

  • IE Internet clients include micro-business, SME's & Corporates

  • Peace of Mind Our managed email service comes with email backup & Archive & Retention

  • In 2013, IE internet has obtained Google Apps and Microsoft office 365 accreditation.


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